Today was a good day



Benny, Carolina and I went to the 40 Oz Bounce in Brooklyn. It was live! Brought Benny a turkey sandwich and I’m guessing he was chewing during this photo.2014-09-28 16.24.54 Dice the god.2014-09-28 16.38.59 2014-09-28 16.57.39 Wow met someone who bought one of my hats. a friend of Humza’s. Dope! I really appreciate the support and meeting homies like him at an event. shout out to @marcfriasss2014-09-28 17.39.46 The F Word in New York? Word? 2014-09-28 17.51.47 SofiJamz! Congrats girl!2014-09-28 17.57.37 Best part of the bounce was the Giant Jenga.2014-09-28 18.03.56-2 Guess who made it fall.2014-09-28 18.16.27 Neil used to bring these (pizza rolls) to school every day since 1st grade and here you go 20+ years later. things never change. haha I’ll trade you my ham sandwich doh. 2014-09-28 19.14.54 Headed over to my favorite, Taqueria Diana for an Al Pastor burrito. The BEST in town!2014-09-28 20.14.28 Next Stop JHENE AIKO private and intimate performance at the SamSung Store in SOHO. She was amazing and beautiful of course. 2014-09-28 20.44.45 2014-09-28 20.46.03 Finally the end of my night Simpsons x Family Guy. Night complete.2014-09-28 21.44.02 2014-09-28 21.51.01