August 28, 2014
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Had a blast over the passed weekend in Cabo, Mexico. 13 of us Boy-Boys celebrated Suryo’s Bachelor party. We had a blast drinking, eating and partying on Squid Roe. I wish I was able to see these guys all the time, but they are in the Bay and I’m in Nyc. Well, I get to see them in November again. Fun times! Yeee! Hit the Flute #wigglewigglewigglesuryogrouppic800

August 15, 2014
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Rooftop Party Recap

Wednesday was a blast. I love when people come to surprise me unannounced. IMG_9273Annie is the best!IMG_9280
Not sure how this happened, but okay. Nikko!IMG_9379
My RoomieIMG_9359
The whole reason behind the Rooftop Party. Miss Jeannie Queen!IMG_9320
I wish I could remember what Rich and I were laughing about.IMG_9294
Holla the bartender is hot!IMG_9407More Pics HERE!

August 13, 2014
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This week’s festivities

Wednesday August 13th the return of the Rooftop Bar at City View inside the Wyndham Hotel. We are celebration Jeannie Queen’s Bday. Click HERE for detailsjeanniequeen

The day after we continue the fun at Fat Buddha for Fat Summer Nights with Grand Wizzard Theodore! The inventor of scratch. Click HERE for details!

Friday I’ll be djing at Toshi’s.



August 5, 2014
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City View Rooftop Party

You would think this pic was fake like we were posing or something. Believe it or not, this is real and it’s actually really what usually happens in the booth with 2 wild ass DJs. Well i’m not wild here, but usually we get pretty drunk. haha.

That’s DaHeataDaKid of Dream But Don’t Sleep, his movement. We both were DJing for the Pop Art Show Afterparty x My NY Hat Release and just a good ol fashion Rooftop Fun. I’ll list the photographers who took all these pics. There were quite a few. This one was by Justin aka ARTBECOMESME:poonjaycityviewThis was probably the best pic of Jeremy EVER! Great job JustindaheatadacityviewWhat can I say…..Chris Martin @sponsoredbyyouthphotos2896


Another great pic Justin again: @artbecomesme I swear the rooftop should pay you for these pics for there Yelp.cityviewjustinjustincityviewtwo

finally Vince @vincinati good job buddy.

Thank You to everyone who came to the rooftop. I had a blast and tons of you have been asking about the next time. Well I think it’s gonna be once a month or so that we do the next event here.

July 31, 2014
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5 Panel Buddha

Today I am DJing in New York City. My favorite place to spin is Fat Buddha. They gave me a chance and I have been the resident DJ on Thursdays for over a year.

Tonight we are celebrating the release of my NY 5 Panel Hat. It’s a symbol of my journey in New York. The city has given me ups and downs and the greatest opportunities.

A limited amount of the hats will be available to purchase tonight. Thank You to anyone who has supported my journey from day 1.


July 31, 2014
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NY 5 Panels are available!

Finally the day has come. My NY 5-Panels are now available! I am excited to share this new creation with everyone. I hope tons of people will support me and I appreciate everyone who has followed my journey so far in NY.igcellphonepoonClick HERE to get one.


July 30, 2014
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Wyndham Hotel Rooftop

Hey everyone I am excited to announce that I will be DJing on top of the Rooftop of the Wyndham Hotel in Chinatown. Please come join me in celebration of my 5 Panel release. @jessicavict0ria will be bartending and @artistikznewyork will be body painting so tip them well. A big thanks to @peterwyip for putting all of this together, it is the official after party of the Pop-Art Toy Show. The event starts at 10pm and the location is 93 Bowery off Hester St. A limited amount of the 5 Panels will be available for purchase. See you tonight! 7.30.14poonhatwyndham

July 25, 2014
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A Day in the Life of Poon

My day first started on the internet. Make sure I get back to everyone and plan the day. Letting everyone know that my 5 Panels release on 7.31.14laptop_poon_800 A day in the life of Poon continues. I met up with the homie @juniormc_ to discuss my vision and his talents. He is a photographer and barista in SoHo.


We visited the homie Stefen at work and chilled on the stoop.

then I had to get my fix and grab an Ice Coffee, straight black.pooncoffeehat

Hold Up. My boy just hit me up about a gig.poonphonehattalkfull

“Yeah I can Spin that night, Thank You I appreciate that.”poonphonehattalk